12A Magazine Spread Draft Critique

Shape Map
Shape Map
Magazine Spread Draft
Magazine Spread Draft

Process– I started this project by creating some sketches. Then I went in search of some images and I had a hard time find images that I liked for my original sketches so I changed my plan and went a different route. Once I chose my images I created my shape map in Indesign. I edited the clock image in Photoshop and then used my shape map as a guide and put in images and text. My audience is anyone who would read the Ensign.

Fonts- Title- Small Roundhand (decorative) & Garamound (serif) /Body Copy – Thonburi (san serif)


Elder & Sister Oaks: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865659945/Elder-Oaks-Sister-Oaks-address-2500-single-adults-at-the-2016-Mid-Singles-Conference-in-Salt-Lake.html?pg=all

Blue clock: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/544654148660010066/


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