Final Portfolio

Process: This project was by far the easiest one of the semester because I already had all of the content! I started by designing a cover and ending slide in PowerPoint. Then I inserted jpegs of my previous projects onto individual slides and adjusted the text box colors to go with each project. I tried to keep the design sleek and simple so the design images would be the main focus.


I critiqued Klaire Bryce, Emmanuel Gonzalez, Connie Shirley and Carrie Svozil. My instructor, Connie Shirley and Carrie Svoil, critiqued me. Connie, Carrie and my instructor all said that I needed to adjust the alignment of my text to my images, which I did. I also had a few images with a border that I didn’t know how to get rid of so my instructor suggested that I add a boarder to the rest of my images to keep the unity throughout the slides. I agreed and add a boarder to all of my images.


13 thoughts on “Final Portfolio

  1. I am really impressed with how your slideshow turned out, as well as all your projects! Your movie poster is definitely my favorite. It looks so professional. You did a really great job this semester with using color and contrast between light and dark.


  2. Awesome job this semester! My favorite project of yours is your movie poster, the way you used photoshop to make the eyes look is just awesome! Thanks for sharing all that you did this semester!


  3. I have to say that I loved every one of your designs and it would be hard for me to pick a favorite. You do such quality work and it looks so professional. I love the design of each of your slides for your portfolio and your design elements.


  4. That “Eyes of Notre Dame” poster is my favorite! I also really like your event ad. I appreciate your use of color in all your projects and the design elements that make it a cohesive presentation. Great portfolio!


  5. Hey Brooke, I love your projects they are all so amazing. I also really love the typography that you chose for your portfolio I think it looks really great. It is hard for me to pick anyone project of yours that I love because I like them all, but I really enjoyed your web page design, it looked amazing. Great job!

    If you have time I would like to hear your thoughts on my portfolio:


  6. Awesome job on your Portfolio! I love how you created your opening slide and you made your last name a different color. It really pops! I think my favorite is your movie project. I have always loved pictures that are black and white with one thing being in color. In your case, the eyes. So beautiful!


  7. Your portfolio turned out lovely. It looks great with the borders around every project. I couldn’t pick a favorite because I liked so many of your pieces. Awesome collection of work!


  8. I think your portfolio looks great. I like the design element you chose that is simple, yet elegant and showcases your work. Your designs look great and I think any employee would be happy to have you. Great job and good luck with your endvers.


  9. Your portfolio looks great! I like your color scheme and how you used the gradient in your line. I did that on one of my projects, also. Check it out:

    I loved seeing your work this semester. That movie poster is to die for–one of my favorite pieces from the whole semester. I also really loved your typography project.


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